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Meet Logan and Alex. They’re both XR nerds and dads. Here’s how they dad* in XR.

Welcome, let's get nerdy.

Dads involved with their kids

in STEM.



Opening eyes of all ages


*These guys are dads and want to personally invite parents of all stripes including but not limited to: moms, grandparents, nannies, teachers, and anyone else who has the privilege of raising kids in tech.

Blogs and Vlogs

DISCLAIMER: The XR Dads definitely give their kids screen time. If you disagree with this parenting choice, please direct your email to

Your email will be forwarded to XR Dads during their child’s bedtime. Your email will appear in the middle of book reading and teeth brushing after a night of XR spacewalks on the ISS.


The dads will be too busy Dad-ing to respond, but you’ll feel the warmth of their concern for your concern nonetheless.

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