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Giant gingerbread house and a flaming Santa

Vlog episode 7: Intended to be a Christmas episode, this adventure features Theo exploring his first ever gingerbread house recreated in virtual reality at true house scale.

It was a really simple execution and Theo was excited to have more of his small things made big so he can play in them from a new perspective. For anyone wanting to recreate the experience with their own kids creations, here's my tiny tutorial:

1. Take a bunch of pictures from every angle.

2. Photogrammetrize! I used Autodesk's Recap Pro because I have free access as a developer. Free photogrammetry options are surprisingly hard to find.

3. Drop the model into Unity.

4. Make sure you have colliders. Either mesh colliders from the model import, or just making invisible planes and stuff.

5. Import a VR toolkit for easy prototyping. I used SteamVR Plugin alone here. VRTK is also good. Setup teleport according to your toolkit.

6. Play!

If you get something working, share it! Tag us on twitter or drop it on the new subreddit: r/xrkids. Can't wait to see what you make!

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