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2019 Recap with Gabe Paez of The Wild

In this Boxing Day 2019 episode, we've joined up with Gabe Paez... in The Wild. Gabe is also an XR dad as well as the CEO and founder of said XR company, The Wild! The Wild is a collaboration platform for architecture and design teams to experience their work together in virtual and augmented reality.

In this episode we cover:

- Our kids' favorite experiences of the year (Vacation Simulator, Job Simulator, The Under, Dinosaur Kit, Project Create, Bogo, The Wild)

- Why do kids love XR so much?

- Oculus Quest, our favorite new device of the year

- How easy it was to repurpose a virtual theatre built for High Fidelity desktop VR into The Wild

- Selection via raycasts vs hand radius

- Public vs Private information when in VR

- Magic Leap's clipping plane is a problem for kids

- Logan's new company: Argyle, effortless AR tracking on the construction site

- What you can do in VR vs AR vs IRL (the real world)

- What 2020 has in store for XR (Tilt Five, faster boot times, further friction reduction) and why it's NOT a "make or break" year ... and much much more!

Reach out on Twitter:

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Logan -

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(NOTE! The Audio podcast has now been updated with earlier episodes, including a previously unreleased meat-space chat from March of this year. Enjoy!)

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