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Podcast Ep01- Welcome to XR Dad!

It's for reals now.

After some lovely vloggy banter sending videos back and forth to each other, Logan and Alex finally speak to each other. But not in person, no, that would be way too... real. And expensive. Instead, they took to Magic Leap's new Social platform 'Avatar Chat' and had a comfortable fireside chat from the comfort of each of their own firesides.

Episode 1: Why kids should be in VR before the "recommended" age, VR Immunizations, family game nights, roleplaying board game "Fiasco", XR dad vlogs, etc. Alex Upcoming

Events: "Alive in Plasticland" Live Improv Comedy in High Fidelity VR on December 15, 2018 -

Im-Arch Singapore January 17-19, 2019 -  

Interviews this week with: Brian Lonsway, Kathleen Brandt, and Amber Bartosh of Syracuse University about kids and screens and VR/AR in architectural education.

Interactive Design and Visualization Lab  -

Technology | Architecture + Design |

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