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Ep06 - Google Earth VR: even better than Encarta 95

Riffing off Logan's last video, we continue to explore the theme of XR's usefulness in exploring scale. Because I am not cool enough to program my own AR app, and Alasdair already loves Google Earth, we started there, progressed into "Smash! Smash! Smash!" and even managed to fit in some VR swim-time.

Anyone remember Encarta 95? As a kid I couldn't get enough of exploring that awesome 2.5D world.

Also, Google Earth has been great for helping Alasdair understand places that we encounter in books (check out "Architecture for Babies") as well as in my travels. In the past year I've been all over the world and it's become a standard ritual to come home and show Alasdair the places I went to and what I did there.

He thinks it's all pretty cool, but mostly he just wants to go into the water :)

"Singapore! That's where you guys were living"

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