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Night at the museum

Made a bunch of random kids really happy today. I had a little extra time after my meeting with the architecture division of the Smithsonian Institution, so popped over to the Natural History Museum to have a Magic Leap T-Rex play with the real T-Rex.

Some kids started to gather around, so I offered them the chance to take a look.

Kid 1: Am I the first kid to ever see this?
Me: Yes. Kid 1: Wow...
Kid 5: (while Kid 4 is taking a look) I can't wait to be the fifth kid to ever see this!!

Also: It's hard to convey in 2D a fundamentally spatial experience, but to help, note how the effect of the ML T-Rex aligning with the skeleton is broken once you start to move around. Only true on a 2D screen! In the headset I was always aware of its relationship to the environment-- something you can't achieve with flat AR.

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